Drive Green!

With the planet's resources slowly dwindling away, not to mention all the trouble global warming spells for us, the time has come for humanity to start looking for a way to stop destroying the planet and using cleaner and more efficient ways of creating energy. There have been many inventions in the past years, all with the hopes of creating more environment friendly versions of current products, such as ecofriendly cars for example. However, while it does sound like a good choice to make for the sake of the environment, it can sometimes become confusing as to what makes a car "ecofriendly".

First of all, the main purpose of an ecofriendly car is to reduce gas emissions in order to slow down the global warming effect. As such, you will probably be looking for a car that either runs on an alternative and clean energy source, such as solar panel-powered cars or that make use of some type of alternative fuel. As such, one of the main characteristics of an ecofriendly vehicle is the emission score which you can compare with the standards set in EPA's Green Vehicle guide.

Apart from the emission score, you should also take the time to look over the Air Pollution score and whether or not it has the Certificate of Conformity, which is an indication that the vehicle is within the required norms. Basically the less your vehicle uses up its resources and pollutes contributing to smog and air pollution, the higher its score is going to be.

While it may surprise some people, the type of paint that is used on a car can also contribute to pollution, especially with all the toxins released into the air while the paint is applied. If your aim is to reduce pollution, then perhaps it would be wise to look into manufacturers who at least claim to use real ecofriendly paint on their cars.

One of the main environmental concerns we have as humans is that it seems we will run out of resources soon enough. Thankfully, we came up with the concept of recycling which in the end may even save us all, seeing as how we are finding more and more ways to apply it to everyday items. It has even come to the point where various manufacturers are making cars using recyclable plastic parts wherever they can, so maybe you would like to make sure your ecofriendly car has such features.

While it is easier to pass on the blame to the next and take no responsibility, the fact remains that we all are living on this planet together, which makes every single one of us responsible for its survival, for making sure that the air we breathe remains clean and our parks remain green. The negative effects will not be stopped overnight, but if everyone does their part there is a chance that a positive change may indeed occur. There are many steps to take, and one of them is starting to purchase ecofriendly vehicles in hopes of stopping any further air pollution caused by traditional cars.